“Wherever we go, our supporters are already there” | Jürgen Klopp's 'journey' with Expedia

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Liverpool FC

21 dag siden

Presented by Expedia, Jürgen Klopp speaks about the Reds' famous anthem, his favourite leagues to watch around the world, and much more.

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ZEKERYA MNAAN 13 dager siden
Translate the words into Arabic please and thank you
Nexbex 15 dager siden
Imagine a time in the future without klopp. f***
jassim alserkal
jassim alserkal 16 dager siden
The Normal One is now in the Original Place of YNWA. Nothing more to say after that. What a Legend.
Abhijit R
Abhijit R 16 dager siden
Or greizmann most probably they would suit your style of play
Abhijit R
Abhijit R 16 dager siden
Mr kloop go with better options try to bring icardi
Ingvar Ellingsen
Ingvar Ellingsen 17 dager siden
Congratulations making it into top 4. In Jürgen Klopp we belive! YNWA!
Multi Pass
Multi Pass 18 dager siden
Exposeing spy Ninjas
Exposeing spy Ninjas 18 dager siden
Ammar Rehan
Ammar Rehan 18 dager siden
Liverpool is love ♥️♥️♥️
Ayyub Chaudhary
Ayyub Chaudhary 18 dager siden
Every Jurgen interview is short philosophy lecture .
Nack Load
Nack Load 19 dager siden
Can u put ENG soundtrack, please?
Lee Enfield
Lee Enfield 19 dager siden
45 years ago, my father showed me pictures of Shankly. He had that famous photo of him in his wallet. Ever fearful I might turn out bitter. Klopp is my Shankly. I just wish my father was here to witness the club today. So much has changed, but stayed the same.
Alex Golub
Alex Golub 19 dager siden
Zero H
Zero H 19 dager siden
I just came to type "RESPECT"
FRANSISKIU * 19 dager siden
The special Man
I never rooting for a football manager before. Now I do more than a football player. Never thought i would tho.
Selim Cengel
Selim Cengel 19 dager siden
Stanley Mubby
Stanley Mubby 19 dager siden
Let's keep jürden klopp at LIVERPOOL for the next ten years🙏😁
SCHOOLBOY Sindaco 19 dager siden
We love you Kopp
SCHOOLBOY Sindaco 19 dager siden
The Normal one
Triceps 19 dager siden
You'll never walk alone
Robert Lawler
Robert Lawler 19 dager siden
It will be the saddest day when this fella leaves one of the greatest clubs in the world but believe me when I say this he will leave the club in a great state than what it was in when he joined it but enough of that for now let’s enjoy the time now he’s still here because am sure he will definitely bring other title to the club but the next manager has very big shoes to fill that’s for sure ynwa up the reds
Falco Flare
Falco Flare 19 dager siden
Jurgen Klopp must stay with Liverpool FC.
Seven Cheong
Seven Cheong 19 dager siden
Thanks Jurgen Klopp for signing on as Liverpool FC manager !
두둠두둠 19 dager siden
♡ The players did a great job this season. Klopp is really... I have nothing to say about him. He made the impossible possible, and despite endless hardships, he showed incredible mental strength. As much as the director had a hard time, I hope the current result will be a great comfort to him. Thank you Klopp and the players for the perfect gift for Liverpool fans!
Ali74 19 dager siden
He’s our Shankly.
John Gillespie
John Gillespie 19 dager siden
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John Gillespie
John Gillespie 19 dager siden
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off sent
off sent 19 dager siden
you never walk alone but always walk alone
NHL_rookie Walter
NHL_rookie Walter 19 dager siden
3rd place with all these injured players... WOW!!! Thank you Jürgen
Regiolearn 19 dager siden
Who's here after we qualified 😊?
Q8 19 dager siden
No Eight
No Eight 19 dager siden
We manage to get the no.3 in league,what ever happen in final of ucl between mc and chealsea will not consern us,sorry LCFC but Bale do us a favour 🤭.
Glent 19 dager siden
invincib'hole 19 dager siden
Perwira Arya 01
Perwira Arya 01 19 dager siden
at least rank 3 is not the worst rank
Logan Manho
Logan Manho 19 dager siden
Liverpool hhahah legs go
PROMETRİ FC '1905' 20 dager siden
Hey Jurgen Jlopp TÜRKİYEYE gel dostum. Şampiyon GALATASARAY
Yulia Dewi
Yulia Dewi 20 dager siden
I love you Liverpool go to UCL ynwa
Pradeep Rawat
Pradeep Rawat 20 dager siden
supporters in India as well
Pradeep Rawat
Pradeep Rawat 20 dager siden
in India
Free World
Free World 20 dager siden
Followed Jurgen’s career since Dortmund was absolutely elated when Liverpool managed to secure him and never doubted him since. Jurgen fits Liverpool like glove actually scared the day he leaves hope he stays even longer than his current contract. YNWA
Mark David
Mark David 20 dager siden
Michael Owen be like...Had Sheffield won all the games they lost and lost all the games they won...they'd be Champions🤣🤣🤣
Kiho Naga
Kiho Naga 20 dager siden
To the klopp you ll never walk alone
Jaher Miah
Jaher Miah 20 dager siden
Klopp is just so special! 🤩
Ellen Millar
Ellen Millar 20 dager siden
My manager ❤️
In Absentia
In Absentia 20 dager siden
More promotion, marketing and bullshit. Get on with the football ffs.
Salman Alharby
Salman Alharby 20 dager siden
Musim terberat jurgen. Love u klopp ❤
Tarek Mohamed Ali
Tarek Mohamed Ali 20 dager siden
I have singed it ( you ll never walk alone ) in the weeding party of my best friend ,we are both Liverpool fans .it was fantastic
Suryanda Nakagawa
Suryanda Nakagawa 20 dager siden
smrutiranjan nanda
smrutiranjan nanda 20 dager siden
This club is preety special for me ❤️ I never walked alone in my life ... LFC gave me best moments of my life .. that gerrad brace at old Trafford that lovern goal that gini brace & that Allison goal & YWNA ❤️
quinner Ya
quinner Ya 20 dager siden
This is why I love Liverpool and Klopp and all the players
Nabil Irsyad Syamil
Nabil Irsyad Syamil 20 dager siden
Love you Klopp ❤️❤️
Russell FitzPatrick
Russell FitzPatrick 20 dager siden
Goes without saying, he's the best Coach in the world by a mile; the best Orchestrator of a choir; the best Crisis-Manager; the Solutions Finder/Problem Solver footy has ever seen.
Divya Rajappan 9B
Divya Rajappan 9B 20 dager siden
എത്ര തോറ്റാലും liverpool ഉയർ...♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Fachri Muhammad
Fachri Muhammad 20 dager siden
I wish him stay as long as sir alex ferguson at man united or maybe more
The YNWA 20 dager siden
You'll Never Walk Alone JK ❤️❤️❤️ You are the best.
ben 02
ben 02 20 dager siden
man just made for lfc, amazing that YNWA was already played at his former clubs Mainz and Dortmund
Ramiah Pillai
Ramiah Pillai 20 dager siden
YNWA Mr Jurgen.🙌🙌
Charles Rio
Charles Rio 20 dager siden
even his rivals rsspect him
Knight of Summer
Knight of Summer 20 dager siden
dj kamaal
dj kamaal 20 dager siden
klopp best manager in the world
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen 20 dager siden
I really hope Klopp will stay in Liverpool for many years to come
My talents
My talents 20 dager siden
After covid we will come The fans
Rick Davidson
Rick Davidson 20 dager siden
No Better Manager In The World rn
Rick Davidson
Rick Davidson 20 dager siden
We Believe In Klopp
Rick Davidson
Rick Davidson 20 dager siden
Liverpool has so much to thank from Jurgen Klopp
Geoff Jones
Geoff Jones 20 dager siden
Recharge the batteries, come back smiling
day day
day day 20 dager siden
Jurgen don't want to spend 400 million to buy player. Because he himself says that Liverpool player is a sleeping giant. He only need to wake them up..
day day
day day 20 dager siden
Keep strong jurgen for your lost.. You will never walk alone... Liverpool fan will always stand by You
Dynasty 20 dager siden
Wherever we go we are liverpool
Vakhim Ki
Vakhim Ki 20 dager siden
Uefa europa league Is waiting for you Liverpool see you soon....... 😂😂😂😂
Tjooo Utf
Tjooo Utf 20 dager siden
Best coach Evert❤️❤️🔴🔴
PoH 871
PoH 871 20 dager siden
We love Klupp
antwango 20 dager siden
"coach of my friends!" would have loved to play for klopp in a pub team lol
antwango 20 dager siden
CONFIRMED!!!! He will not go anywhere else!!!!! YNWA song originated here!!!!! HES HOME!!!!!!!!!!
DALZSHERVYN ROSHEN Moe 20 dager siden
what i learnt frm JK - Never stop believing!
Mohsin Manap
Mohsin Manap 20 dager siden
Lfc is a true global family club. That's a fact.
Danny Brew
Danny Brew 20 dager siden
He really is so intelligent and articulate..
Thomas Mögel
Thomas Mögel 20 dager siden
Why...WHY this very disturbing music in the background`....
Rage 20 dager siden
I might be reaching but why do I feel like he's reading off a script whenever he looks to his bottom right
sherwood991 20 dager siden
We underestimate how good this man is with words, even in a language that is not his.
Tayo 20 dager siden
What a Manager and he’s ours!! In Klopp we trust. WE ARE LIVERPOOL 🔴
Challenger 20
Challenger 20 20 dager siden
Klopp is the lifeblood of this club. YNWA
Tuan Sihyanto
Tuan Sihyanto 20 dager siden
Well said Boss!
Tony Richards
Tony Richards 20 dager siden
Juergen you’re a mug you wouldn’t of even won the league with or with out the injury’s 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
dean knight
dean knight 20 dager siden
Ohh ur ard
davygraham 20 dager siden
Zoqo 20 dager siden
H Dhami
H Dhami 20 dager siden
Amazing person, extremely humble guy always smiling in front of the cameras, I watched the whole Liverpool team get on the coach at Marriott hotel Leicester, I shouted towards every player has they boarded the coach, couple of feet away, Juergen boarded the coach sat on front seat and just looked at me, but his mind was else where totally emotionless, Sala was the only player who came over but hesitated and then got on, great memories we went on to win 0-2 that day.and won the title that year , will stay with me forever 🙏🙏
Osiame Semadi
Osiame Semadi 20 dager siden
We love Klopp
muhammed rahman
muhammed rahman 20 dager siden
The King Speaks We Listen! YNWA Boss!
Bastian Mocca
Bastian Mocca 20 dager siden
KOPS believe in KLOPP. We love you Mr. Klopp.
Annie Noyen
Annie Noyen 20 dager siden
I wish we had a manager like Jurgen in The Netherlands..he has it all ❤️👍🏻👏
Wayne Taylor-vicary
Wayne Taylor-vicary 20 dager siden
Absolutely love Jurgen. Best manager in the world. YNWA
SSCSFASTER 20 dager siden
Wherever Lose Wherever Win I am Still Liverpool
WILLIAM SIMS 20 dager siden
JK - Exceptional coach with exceptional qualities . LFC have been blessed by the presence of his greatness .
Risham Gangloo
Risham Gangloo 20 dager siden
I am a big fan of Sadio Mane.i try to think of His season this year compared to the last three_four years.I remember his final in Champion league when even L Messi thought he would win the Ballon D'or. The coach did not back him .I like the humility and humanity in Mane.May God bless him and his relatives.
Даниил Спиридонов
Даниил Спиридонов 20 dager siden
The best coach, the best English club
patsook kittikakul
patsook kittikakul 20 dager siden
The best LFC signing of all time “ Jurgen Klopp ”
Invisible Guy
Invisible Guy 20 dager siden
YNWA Klopp. Most humble manager I ever seen.
Jk Okkl
Jk Okkl 20 dager siden
Klopp is the real Deal
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