Showreel: Trent's dominant display against Man Utd at Old Trafford

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Liverpool FC

29 dager siden

Take a closer look at Trent Alexander-Arnold's Man of the Match performance for the Reds in their Premier League victory

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Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC 28 dager siden
Who spotted our mistake? We put two watermarks on the video. We think we should give Trent a free shot at the culprit, for their punishment. We hope it doesn’t distract you from a boss performance!
Geoff Jones
Geoff Jones 24 dager siden
I didn’t but do it every game if they perform like this again
Javanese Alien
Javanese Alien 25 dager siden
M Raasib 11
M Raasib 11 26 dager siden
Love you lfc
Bishab Thakuri
Bishab Thakuri 27 dager siden
Supreme Motion Films
Supreme Motion Films 27 dager siden
How did u get the emoji
Abdi Moalim
Abdi Moalim 10 dager siden
Rally he's talent
Yuri H
Yuri H 23 dager siden
the best
ZaHiRuL rApidO
ZaHiRuL rApidO 24 dager siden
Stevie? Oh wait.. 🤔?
Jaga Moto
Jaga Moto 24 dager siden
Southgate should be at loss if England losses. Missing out TAA not so clever mate
Geoff Jones
Geoff Jones 24 dager siden
Unleash him into midfield He’ll grow into the next Gerrard Or The first TTA
Misoulman Jas
Misoulman Jas 24 dager siden
Should play in midfield later
JornoR6 24 dager siden
we need a tutorial on how trent does his socks i need to knwo
markmoz 24 dager siden
This lad's a proper prodigy. Imagine five years from now when he's reaching his peak.
Randominho 25 dager siden
Should be switched to midelfield
Shawn 25 dager siden
He had poor form not because of himself but also changes to the squad. Fabinho was pushed to Centre back and the midfield was weak hence no much freedom for him to perform. He is comfortable when there’s midfield covering him when he’s moving up.
Stormshadow Snakeeye
Stormshadow Snakeeye 25 dager siden
Southgate still don’t take him to Euro? That’s f**king stupid decision.
Ginni Moreno
Ginni Moreno 25 dager siden
Where is that ruler pass to sadio
fredlee john
fredlee john 25 dager siden
We all can see Pogba struggling 😂
Zerotho_hero 26 dager siden
Wedeee kesombongan dibalas kesombongan kah jadinya ini wkwk tu admin indo coba terjemahin biar ngerti tu bule bule gw omng apaan:)
DDOT 26 dager siden
Watching this thinking how stupid can Gareth Southgate possibly be 😂
Faheem Vazir
Faheem Vazir 26 dager siden
What a performance!
Arshad Khalil
Arshad Khalil 26 dager siden
A legend in making
Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart 26 dager siden
Shaun Walkden
Shaun Walkden 26 dager siden
TAA YNWA laird ❤⚽️🔴⚪🔥
Lucy Boyce
Lucy Boyce 26 dager siden
little does he know his next assist will be to alisson
Ghatwarykt961 26 dager siden
Can’t stop watching this 🤩
Scarce Sameeh
Scarce Sameeh 26 dager siden
World class rb
Rafylarepaa 27 dager siden
HICHAM hrdhf
HICHAM hrdhf 27 dager siden
He was behind firmino's goals. Great performance.
Pa Su Su
Pa Su Su 27 dager siden
Ilove you66
d fu
d fu 27 dager siden
i can see that he trained his left
Mateusz Karolczak
Mateusz Karolczak 27 dager siden
Great game from Trent!
M C 27 dager siden
Dead rubber game Trent playing his best football. Why not play when it matters, like when he got embarrassed by Burnley or when they went 6 games losing at home? One good game and forget all that yeah?
Chiew Wei Lian
Chiew Wei Lian 27 dager siden
2:50 Trent literally put the food on the plate for Mane to finish, but his donkey first touch ruined it and he had the audacity to be mad at Klopp for dropping him
abhinand RK
abhinand RK 27 dager siden
He is Liverpool's main source of creativity. I feel it's a disgrace to keep him away from the Euro cup. Southgate needs to open his eyes, 'Attack is the best form of defense'
rollercoaster478 27 dager siden
TAA 4:2 MAN UTD basically
felix jieprang
felix jieprang 27 dager siden
G SQUADRON 27 dager siden
TRENT had POGBA running around in circles 😆😂🤣😂🤣😂
HaSsy MiiA L.F.C
HaSsy MiiA L.F.C 27 dager siden
World class allrounder! - RB, Especially going forward!
Afriadi Rachman
Afriadi Rachman 27 dager siden
He is machines!!!
Sadat Gendy
Sadat Gendy 27 dager siden
We have a good cinter player at alahly club in Egypt his name is ( alu dang ) replace winaldom
G SQUADRON 27 dager siden
it's amazing to think that LIVERPOOL FC have at least another 12-13 YEARS of TRENT'S career left to go.Because he said he'd never leave LIVERPOOL and if they offered him a life time contract he'd sign it on the spot in a heartbeat without even thinking about it.And the guy ihasnt even hit his prime yet and phe's still only 22 YO he's definitely a future CAPTAIN no doubt about it..And the thing is his natural position isn't a RIGHT WING BACK his role is an ATTACKING MIDFIELDER he got put at RIGHT WING because KLOPP said he'd get hardly get any game time so TRENT said ok I'll play RW and see how it goes.And yes he has still got a lot to learn in that position but I reckon KLOPP will put him back into MIDFEILD when he's a bit older...
D20• FUZULI 27 dager siden
Rayhan Khurshid
Rayhan Khurshid 27 dager siden
Nice and happy to get you something for free you just got me
Burnaa Bandzz
Burnaa Bandzz 27 dager siden
i love this man
y1521t21b5 27 dager siden
*Forwarded to **_Southgate's_** inbox...*
bawantha darshana
bawantha darshana 27 dager siden
best RB After Dani alves i am start watching football
Luncha Girlfriend
Luncha Girlfriend 27 dager siden
You still won't get to the top 4 btw. One season wonder. Ugggghhh nooob
gavin horton
gavin horton 27 dager siden
Well done trent
Taysir Issemdar
Taysir Issemdar 27 dager siden
Where is virgil
Luphawu Dwesi
Luphawu Dwesi 27 dager siden
He will also be like Gareth Bale, from RB to RW
kungz 27 dager siden
Trent kept Pogba in his pockets the whole game
kungz 27 dager siden
Sometimes I think if we had ronaldo or someone who is fabulous in air then every game trent wouldve got an assist
SUPER SONIC 27 dager siden
Trent Alxender Arnold the Boss😎✌️👍
Kaushal Singh
Kaushal Singh 27 dager siden
He should be given chance at Midfield or right wing
Alaj Xandro
Alaj Xandro 27 dager siden
He plays like a playmaker.
Nandang Firdaus
Nandang Firdaus 27 dager siden
maybe I think the point of the problem in defense arnold and robetson.
The world of Db
The world of Db 27 dager siden
Is the best defensor i never see
Viboto Chophi
Viboto Chophi 27 dager siden
No doubt salah is a great player but he has played many selfish games for which liverpool had to pay the penalty.
Angeline G
Angeline G 27 dager siden
That intercept from Pogba 💥
คิดบวกคิดใหญ่ ไปต่อได้
คิดบวกคิดใหญ่ ไปต่อได้ 27 dager siden
เด่นจริงถ้าได้เล่นเป็นกลางขวา น่าจะโหด
Sushil Pokhrel
Sushil Pokhrel 27 dager siden
Oktavianus 27 dager siden
Golden Era might happen. Academy graduates are doing great nowadays.
Azmi Abdullah
Azmi Abdullah 27 dager siden
Put him in center of the park. Give him time to acclimatise. He will be a legend soon.
LFC 27 dager siden
Best in the world
FishermanYT1208 27 dager siden
Who didn't choose him to start at the world cup qualifiers
Ahmed Khaled Saber
Ahmed Khaled Saber 27 dager siden
Good game mate
Jay Foy
Jay Foy 27 dager siden
Best rb in the world no questions asked
Jinn Saliun
Jinn Saliun 27 dager siden
Trent is very competitive and genius.
Aninto Jati Nugroho
Aninto Jati Nugroho 27 dager siden
Liverpool's getting too reliant on Trent. Whenever Trent's having an off game, the whole team plays badly
Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith 27 dager siden
The second trip uniformly wrap because ashtray revealingly tap across a sharp industry. gaudy, tan oval
Towsky 27 dager siden
Love TAA Captain
BURNING MIC 27 dager siden
Think he’s ready to move into midfield but the way he’s playing he’s transformed what people want from a full back
LFC-HRC 77 27 dager siden
How we only scored 4 I’ll never know
نور الحق tv
نور الحق tv 27 dager siden
Kou Begeu Kham sa diné abonnél sama sén Bi
نور الحق tv
نور الحق tv 27 dager siden
Kou begeu kham sa diné abonnél sama sén Bi
Hitachi Gaming
Hitachi Gaming 27 dager siden
Remember he is a midfielder player at right back......he is a genius he should playing midfield
StuTheBru me
StuTheBru me 27 dager siden
samuel afranie
samuel afranie 27 dager siden
RB playmaker. neat!
همام في امستردام
همام في امستردام 27 dager siden
he is turning into a right side Kevin De Bruyne. Amazing
mullaway 27 dager siden
future liverpool and england captain, long career ahead
Muhd Hanif
Muhd Hanif 27 dager siden
To leave him out of the England squad was probably the most stupidest decision. Southgate thinks AWB and Recce could run games like this from RB?
ناصر الحآمد KSA
ناصر الحآمد KSA 27 dager siden
Akmal Hakim
Akmal Hakim 27 dager siden
Goodluck to Gary Southgate
J 27 dager siden
To anyone who thought he doesn’t deserve to be at least selected for the euros this is the clip to watch ( also tell them that his a ucl and prem champion without reaching his prime ) Ynwa LFC FOREVER 🔴
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi 27 dager siden
Good Alexander-Arnold.
Gaurav Moon
Gaurav Moon 27 dager siden
It would be a joke if he's not 1st choice RB at the Euros, forget not getting on the plane.
jacobus j west
jacobus j west 27 dager siden
Help me out please, am I wrong to say that when Trent plays good we win games and when he plays bad we loose games
Norou Ndiaye
Norou Ndiaye 27 dager siden
Nice na Alexandrano
Arjun Rk
Arjun Rk 27 dager siden
Whenever southgate in the stands trent will be👌💥
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre 27 dager siden
Legend has it that David Beckham has Trent Alexander Arnold posters across his house walls.
Black Cat
Black Cat 27 dager siden
done did it
Codasa 27 dager siden
Imagine leaving this guy out of your squad for the euros
Wasabi GamesHD
Wasabi GamesHD 27 dager siden
SilverMario YT
SilverMario YT 27 dager siden
united people saying Awb is the better Rb is hella cap
Sarah Patel
Sarah Patel 27 dager siden
I’m so happy I had Trent on my fantasy team 😂😂😂🤣
Zhi Sin Lee
Zhi Sin Lee 27 dager siden
Comparing him against wan bisucker is an insult to TAA
asri wendi
asri wendi 27 dager siden
Go to liverpool legend
Davis Nganga
Davis Nganga 27 dager siden
Trent is top class
Chris Long
Chris Long 27 dager siden
Evil Q
Evil Q 27 dager siden
Young Captain ))
Kerim Abedul-Azim
Kerim Abedul-Azim 27 dager siden
Amazing game
kitotour travel
kitotour travel 28 dager siden
TA win all battle with Pogba😎
Anfield Agenda
Anfield Agenda 28 dager siden
Future captain ⭐️
Samiul Islam
Samiul Islam 27 dager siden
No he shouldn’t be captian over hendo furture captian
1916m 27 dager siden
@Nathan Timms your ma is a silly boy
LFC_14 27 dager siden
@1916m not yet
Nathan Timms
Nathan Timms 27 dager siden
@1916m no he shouldn’t you silly boy
1916m 27 dager siden
Should be captain over hendo
Derick Wamai
Derick Wamai 28 dager siden
Yeah at least with this lad on the team....our future is not so bad
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