Liverpool's 2020-21 Goal of the Season contenders

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Watch the best Liverpool goals from the 2020/21 campaign, and vote for your favourite at

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Jimmy O. Rojas
Jimmy O. Rojas 2 dager siden
khalil hajar
khalil hajar 2 dager siden
Title "why mo is the king"
Birhang Ijam
Birhang Ijam 2 dager siden
This is terrible........I mean....
K B 4 dager siden
Babajide and Allison’s were the best.
🎮 SONIC 🎮 6 dager siden
ياصلاح يامشرفنااا 👑✊
Sylas Amr
Sylas Amr 6 dager siden
I can’t get enough of Salah’s absolutely euphoric reaction to Alisson’s goal
Elyptica 7 dager siden
womens football is atrocious lol
Estevao Cavalcante
Estevao Cavalcante 8 dager siden
This is even a competition??? The goal of the season for Liverpool and for Premier League in general is clear, our best striker ever needs to win: Alisson!!!
Heramb Karnataki
Heramb Karnataki 8 dager siden
Goal by Rinsola Babajide was the best imo
VIKTHOR CAFÉ 9 dager siden
3:12 the best moment without a doubt
Cashier TEAM
Cashier TEAM 9 dager siden
Salah Salah and Salah
shif meister
shif meister 9 dager siden
Rinsola Babajide or Allisons goal. Looking at the GOTS Liverpool have become a 1 man team. Salah what would they do without his goals ?
Amer Lafole
Amer Lafole 9 dager siden
Are those Mo Salah's goal of the season or lfc goal of the season!? 🤔
Danny Dinh
Danny Dinh 9 dager siden
Ali by a mile!
matthew-ussr gaming
matthew-ussr gaming 9 dager siden
Congrats Alison our goalkeeper wining goal of the season 👏🙌❤
The GameCat's out of the Gluebag-ger
The GameCat's out of the Gluebag-ger 10 dager siden
firminho's double backheel gets my vote! most important goal goes to mr Becker esq.
Alan Stott
Alan Stott 10 dager siden
Got to be Big Al's goal. As amazing as the others are for it to be such an important goal and for him as a keeper to score it.
edah abel
edah abel 10 dager siden
all salah..
Amr Khalil
Amr Khalil 10 dager siden
Akang Sae
Akang Sae 10 dager siden
Dominion Efe
Dominion Efe 10 dager siden
Mo Salah 🔥🔥🔥
aim amri
aim amri 10 dager siden
I will give alisson this award. His goal was the highlight of this season
rip vanwincle
rip vanwincle 10 dager siden
OK Sallah is brilliant as usual but i've got to give it to Alisson he kept us in the champions league.Priceless.YNWA
Rodney D
Rodney D 10 dager siden
Only can be one winner for me n didn't have to watch it but still..Alisson, n not only cuz it was a very good goal but we really needed the 3 points, last kick of the game n up pops keeper with a great goal..boom, all rolled into one..
S D 10 dager siden
Babajide for me. What a goal
الكاوو_Kawoo 10 dager siden
Where is the goal of Mohamed Salah in West Ham that candidate for the best goal in the season in the English Premier League 🤔
Richard Scales
Richard Scales 10 dager siden
Gender pay gap theory has been disproved more than 1 million times.
Tanrichguy 10 dager siden
Nidiba Luriahk Ghaza LFC
Nidiba Luriahk Ghaza LFC 10 dager siden
Salah scores spectacular goals, but because of the rare and timing added with sentimental value i choose Alisson 👏👏👏
the Webster
the Webster 10 dager siden
With context to the season it has to be Alli
Fábio Fussball
Fábio Fussball 10 dager siden
My vote: Alisson. The most important goal
Kenneth Drewary
Kenneth Drewary 10 dager siden
We know the most IMPORTANT goal of the season
Bobby Boy
Bobby Boy 10 dager siden
Alisson by miles very important goal
Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart 11 dager siden
Decent reds
P Harrison
P Harrison 11 dager siden
1st A B 🧤⚽️🥅 Crucial for top 4 2nd Trent ☄️ 3rd Salah v Leicester ⚽️🦵🏽 what an assist from Bobby!
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho 11 dager siden
Best Mo Salah goals in 20/21 feat. Alisson and Babajide
Chisanga Kabwe
Chisanga Kabwe 11 dager siden
Ed 820
Ed 820 11 dager siden
Becker all day the importance outweighs the technique in my opinion
Tuusula JoTe
Tuusula JoTe 11 dager siden
Where is Gini's goal?!
vanquang 11 dager siden
Soap 11 dager siden
Didn't even start watching the video.. Ali gets goal of the season
YoungDutt 11 dager siden
Remember when Salah was a "One Season Wonder" 😂
Aram Sarkissian
Aram Sarkissian 11 dager siden
is there any contenders with Ali's header?
Hiếu Sports
Hiếu Sports 11 dager siden
Hope you all watch the video and comment from everyone✔✅
Daniil Malyk
Daniil Malyk 11 dager siden
Mo’s goals is a masterpiece,but Alisson... What a goal,still can’t believe what was happening
MAHEDI HASSAN 11 dager siden
Is this video only about Mo Salah?
Mo Elgammal
Mo Elgammal 11 dager siden
To be fair , the Goal of the season should go to Mo Salah vs Westham. It manifested all the skills you would expect from a top level attacker. Speed, agility, ball control, positioning, weak foot skills, mental strength under pressure and finishing ! This season he was in a different class above the rest of Liverpool players. Allison’s goal is historic. Enough said! Joint number 1 with Salah’s or number 2.
Mike Tarrab
Mike Tarrab 11 dager siden
I was gonna say C. But of course it's the last one. Unbelievable Alison Becker.
Fantastic 11 dager siden
Alternative Title: Mo Salah's best goal. And honorable mentions
cinta rosul
cinta rosul 11 dager siden
The Best.....
cinta rosul
cinta rosul 11 dager siden
The Best
Mahmoud zayed
Mahmoud zayed 11 dager siden
Mo Salah vs Atalanta , , Alex. Arnold,, A bekr
Mary Gillmeister
Mary Gillmeister 11 dager siden
Contenders? All must pale before Ali Becker. No question about it. 😊
John Travena
John Travena 11 dager siden
Allison’s goal is the correct answer
Nimrod Tamir
Nimrod Tamir 11 dager siden
Alisson of course
Abdallah Sayed
Abdallah Sayed 11 dager siden
Egyptian king 😍
Abdallah Sayed
Abdallah Sayed 11 dager siden
Egyptian king 😍
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma 11 dager siden
Musialowski is already good enough to be part of the first team squad
1982sparkie 11 dager siden
Alisson wins it for me, vital goal that was and a superb goal
Ahmed Mattar
Ahmed Mattar 11 dager siden
Mo Allison 😀
Cheeky Chaps
Cheeky Chaps 11 dager siden
Has to be alisson
Mahmoud Ahmed Hassn
Mahmoud Ahmed Hassn 11 dager siden
ايه ياعم انت صلاح صلاح الواحه كلها مفيهاش غير صلاح
Gretar Einarsson
Gretar Einarsson 11 dager siden
Lots of great goals but honestly Alisson has the best one😊
Alex Best
Alex Best 11 dager siden
Salah best
HD-08 11 dager siden
Seeing as Im a 13 year old girl, Can i pick 2?....1st is Babajide and 2nd is Salah v Leicester after Bobby's magic
John John
John John 11 dager siden
Ali withought a doubt most important goal and the one I celebrated most.
Allan Family
Allan Family 11 dager siden
its all salah
kimama bawitlung
kimama bawitlung 11 dager siden
Allison's goal 👍
liverpoolger 11 dager siden
Has to be Alisson. That goal was huge
Tyler Windram
Tyler Windram 11 dager siden
G or J
Décio Faria
Décio Faria 11 dager siden
Masoud Ally
Masoud Ally 11 dager siden
i suggest mount goal is best goal of the season
govind agarwal
govind agarwal 11 dager siden
Ali gets my vote just for that goal ❤️
Nigel Banks
Nigel Banks 11 dager siden
Alisson....who else?
Tim Buckley
Tim Buckley 11 dager siden
There is no denying that Salah has carried us this season and scored some sensational goals in the process, but Alisson's header was without a doubt THE goal of the season
Weirdoxify 11 dager siden
it has to be allison!! just has to!
ligma dad
ligma dad 11 dager siden
How many good goals have you scored this season? Mo salah:Yes
heel 420
heel 420 11 dager siden
Rinsola hands down. yes Ali's goal was the most important but the award is for best goal not important goal
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
صلاح 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
مفيش عرب
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
مفيش عرب
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
مفيش عرب
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
مفيش عرب
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
مفيش عرب
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
مفيش عرب
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
مفيش عرب
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
مفيش عرب
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
مفيش عرب
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
مفيش عرب
اروي باريس
اروي باريس 11 dager siden
مفيش عرب
kareem sobhi
kareem sobhi 11 dager siden
the secret title:mo salah goals of the season so proud of our y player 🏆🇪🇬
Kailash Rai
Kailash Rai 11 dager siden
That pass from Shaqiri,,,,, brilliant touch and a goal from Salah.
connor kavanagh
connor kavanagh 11 dager siden
If Allison doesn’t get the goal of the season it’s fixed 💯
Huda Ismael
Huda Ismael 11 dager siden
Salah and jota and Alison
Rayhaan Ali
Rayhaan Ali 11 dager siden
“Mo Salah. Carrying Liverpool “ ** All satire HAHHA I’m a big pool fan
Niyazi Camuzcu
Niyazi Camuzcu 11 dager siden
Turks love football and liverpool very much in Turkey, with my best regards
C F 12 dager siden
Bit embarrassing this...... dont get me wrong, Salah has had a great season in a troubled campaign for us, but no way does some of these goals deserve to be on the list. I mean......Salah's goals against Atlanta and Palace weren't even our best goals in those games, Jota's against Atalanta and Firmino's at Palace where a lot better.....
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