Inside Burnley: The best look at Liverpool's last away day of the season | Burnley 0-3 LFC

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22 dager siden

Take a closer look at Liverpool's victory at Turf Moor, where Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain added to a strike from Roberto Firmino and first senior goal for Nat Phillips to secure all three points.

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Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart 18 dager siden
Thank you champions
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth 19 dager siden
At 4.00 nice to hear Burnley -fans aplodind Alisson´s save even though he prevented a Burnley goal there!
Tushar Roy
Tushar Roy 20 dager siden
I am a A Bleed Red❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง 20 dager siden
จงใช้พลังให้นิ่งๆถ้าหากที่ จะเต้ะพลังจิตนะใจจะ ต้องนิ่งแล้วยิงตรงไป ประตูชัยนะค่ะ
Tzyy 20 dager siden
Gogogo ucl
Who Knew 22
Who Knew 22 20 dager siden
All that booing helped those goals go in lol
Hso Hdj
Hso Hdj 20 dager siden
Suryanda Nakagawa
Suryanda Nakagawa 20 dager siden
Danial Haziq
Danial Haziq 20 dager siden
hilarious how burnley's fans were booing every time we were attacking but we managed to slot 3 past them hahaha
Danny 20 dager siden
Thiago, Fab, Wijnadum WOW
Mark Moore
Mark Moore 20 dager siden
All thanks to Dr odudu for helping me cure my sickness I have been online searching for a way to cure my sickness until I met with Dr odudu on NOwindow Chanel
Paul Anthony - MusicHaven
Paul Anthony - MusicHaven 20 dager siden
Still no inside Old Trafford, in the theater of screams?
حالات وتس حماسيه
حالات وتس حماسيه 20 dager siden
The next game has to be won. I expect Mohamed Salah will score, a fan from Yemen
Zoqo 20 dager siden
One more win!
Alastair Kreidié-Akazaki
Alastair Kreidié-Akazaki 20 dager siden
What a shambles those home fans were, just spent the game booing and jeering. Cheer up and learn a proper song you weirdos.
Yxnnel X
Yxnnel X 20 dager siden
Every time we wear the black jersey we win😉
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson 20 dager siden
Same again on Sunday please 😬
Folk Khamtao
Folk Khamtao 21 dag siden
น้องแนทสุดยอด 🇹🇭
Paul Barber
Paul Barber 21 dag siden
Great result against Burnley, we're back in the top four. One more game left of this most bizarre season. Klopp will have boys prepared and ready for Palace.. Come on You Reds !!
Imperial Vulkan
Imperial Vulkan 21 dag siden
Incredible sadio mane ... 2 assists prove that he still has best "attack insting"
Faye southall
Faye southall 21 dag siden
Fantastic game. Impressive result. Tough game but it’s a good sign we had some different scorers ! Burnley fans 18 months away could only boo ! What idiots!
Jarif 21 dag siden
Champions League here we come! You'll Never Walk Alone.
ชัยวุธ 21 dag siden
I am Thai, but I am a student 🤘🥰
Hfy Nvuh
Hfy Nvuh 21 dag siden
تحيا من سوريا الحرة للفربول ومحمد صلاح
h91 21 dag siden
3:30 Who were the middle fingers for?
Abe Jamal
Abe Jamal 21 dag siden
1:30 Bobby practicing no look passes to stay sharp
Cerita 2 Cina
Cerita 2 Cina 21 dag siden
0:18 Alisson - Never kept a clean sheet vs Burnley (A). Now he has.. A lot of firsts for Ali in a week..
Krisman 21 dag siden
You are my wonderwall
myr 0168
myr 0168 21 dag siden
They ain't getting in mane head
sotro kembar
sotro kembar 21 dag siden
Liverpool ❤️❤️🇲🇨🇲🇨
Apples Oranges
Apples Oranges 21 dag siden
I believe only Dortmund is the only other club that has so much of both a connect & an influence between the fans n the players on a football pitch apart from LFC... Tomorrow would b "SO POWERFUL" when our song starts playing with every single fan both from The Anfield n each n every single 1 across the globe starts singing together "FINALLY" 🤷 ... Up urs Chinese Virus lets go Liverpool 🥺💯🙏 ..
Peaceful 21 dag siden
We must win the last game, it decides our place in the standing. But I belive in Liverpool that we can win. YNWA
Relocation Dohavets
Relocation Dohavets 21 dag siden
were Burnley players paid by Liesscter City and Chealsea admin? they were flighting like a hill against Liverpool I am from Egypt and I notice that there a lot of football teams do not Like Liperppol and they play the best when they face the REDS, why why why in Egypt league, when there is a football team in need of some points to survive or to qualify to, the opposite team takes it so easy with them, when they face that team , as long as this game will not affect them
สายลม รวดเร็ว
สายลม รวดเร็ว 21 dag siden
Moustapha Diop
Moustapha Diop 21 dag siden
From senegalaise wis alison backer
MOHAMED Hussein 21 dag siden
i came from the future, i am telling Liverpool fans, The Reds will finish in 3rd place 😊
MOHAMED Hussein 21 dag siden
Waiting Inside Anfiled after sunday winning
Wildo 48
Wildo 48 21 dag siden
Actually yeah by did dyche bench 3 strikers?? Klopp mentions at the beginning that wood is the only one playing. Why wasn't one of Rodriguez, Barnes or Vydra playing too?
SilverMario YT
SilverMario YT 21 dag siden
nice sunset with mané 4:09
Đūřàñ 21 dag siden
We winning champions league next and thats facts
Lindu Lorkali
Lindu Lorkali 21 dag siden
M. Salah waktunya pindah club ... Atau bermain di major soccer league...
ShaFreak 21 dag siden
Every time the crowds tried to boo Mane, it always ended up being a goal. You lot can boo yourself out of the Turf 😂
Alin Lup
Alin Lup 21 dag siden
Why of course Nat practices headers in the warm-up. Who didn't see that one coming?
M SATAN 21 dag siden
This season Anfield to fans: I Need You Now 😅
Magrin Barrie
Magrin Barrie 21 dag siden
it's just headers for phillips in warm-ups.
PAPA NOEL 21 dag siden
Last but 1 "inside" for this season. I absolutely love these videos.ynwa.
Javed Akhtar
Javed Akhtar 21 dag siden
bergstrom oliver
bergstrom oliver 21 dag siden
Avatar N
Avatar N 21 dag siden
Can't wait for the trinity of Fab, Hendo and Thiago bossing our midfield
Dula Johnstone
Dula Johnstone 21 dag siden
Mohamed Abdelkader
Mohamed Abdelkader 21 dag siden
Hope we make vs CP.
Rece Ki3
Rece Ki3 21 dag siden
I just want to say this here.. BOOOO BURNLEY KOYAKKK BURNLEY KOYAKK
# FENOMEN 21 dag siden
Gini is sad, very sad ! He don't want leave our club ! He is very stability player for midfield... But we cannot give him new contract and we are losing legendary Liverpool's engine ! 😑😑😑
Arrafiu Asyqar
Arrafiu Asyqar 21 dag siden
kok gaada inside old trafford sih
Nabil Irsyad Syamil
Nabil Irsyad Syamil 21 dag siden
Lupa mungkin atau ga bikin
The Making De Moi
The Making De Moi 21 dag siden
Divock Origi deserves more playing time.
Don Rebel
Don Rebel 21 dag siden
racist burnley fans
genes2311 21 dag siden
Burnely booing Mane ..Loved it when he stood the ball up for Naldini to head in !
PTM Gaming
PTM Gaming 21 dag siden
How does Burnley look so bright at 9pm?
Sapta bitel
Sapta bitel 21 dag siden
So glad to see Ox is back. His goal reminding me his own one vs city on UCL. Do it more Ox vs Palace tomorrow.... Ynwa
Dian Putra
Dian Putra 21 dag siden
5:15 😀 > 😑
Andri Hermawan
Andri Hermawan 21 dag siden
post 4 plis YNWA💋
Ramdhanial 21 dag siden
Tukrrjobbs 21 dag siden
Nat a good goal it's a great goal
TyroneNdd 21 dag siden
still waiting for Inside Old Trafford
Ofer Mashiach
Ofer Mashiach 21 dag siden
Let's take a moment to appreciate that Alisson pass to the corner guy in the warmup. 2:01
Chs Khiangte
Chs Khiangte 21 dag siden
That 2:14 heading practice is important lol😂
Chs Khiangte
Chs Khiangte 21 dag siden
@_AIRIL_ 😂😂😂😂 True
_AIRIL_ 21 dag siden
it brought us a goal line clearance and a goal😂😂😂
Wayne Withers
Wayne Withers 21 dag siden
A Boeing 747 could fly over Anfield tomorrow and Nat Phillips would still header it away.
Beloved Traveller
Beloved Traveller 21 dag siden
Where is virgil van dayk plz inform me.
Jxson Joestar
Jxson Joestar 21 dag siden
mohamed faizal
mohamed faizal 21 dag siden
💖🇪🇬MOHAMMED SALAH LOVE🇪🇬💖 21 dag siden
💞💞YNWA 💞💞
Mouheb Kd
Mouheb Kd 21 dag siden
Faizal YNWA
Faizal YNWA 21 dag siden
Bro can you sent your profile pic ? Iwant your pic u use now...
Poquito 21 dag siden
1:56 - as if Ali just drop kicks that straight into the trainers hands 😅
K Major
K Major 21 dag siden
Nat was so good that even my internet connection got blocked by him quite a few times in this match
G SQUADRON 21 dag siden
Jonathan 21 dag siden
Boooornley. Sad little club.
David 21 dag siden
Burnley rubbish team, rubbish fans, rubbish town. Also felt ill when I had fish and chips 🤮
chris Lovett
chris Lovett 21 dag siden
God the Burnley fans were annoying. 😂 Great to hear fans back tho.
L.F.C L.F.C 21 dag siden
mohamed asherf
mohamed asherf 21 dag siden
3:35 Look at burlny defnder😬😬
Atif Aninda Rahman
Atif Aninda Rahman 21 dag siden
Klopp always does a fantastic post match interview,backing his players
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi 21 dag siden
Seth gaming And football
Seth gaming And football 21 dag siden
YNWA ❤️❤️
john craig
john craig 21 dag siden
when is inside olf trafford coming?
Danny Stacks
Danny Stacks 21 dag siden
Pablo 21 dag siden
What fucken racist Burnley fans
Nurul Aina
Nurul Aina 21 dag siden
next season💪💪💪
We Love Music
We Love Music 21 dag siden
mr liverpool
mr liverpool 21 dag siden
Bobby 6 season with us 5 good 1 inconsistent every season his had 20+ goal contributions except this season. his job isnt to score 20+ its to have 20+ goal involvements. mane 5 season with us 4 good 1 average. every season his had 20+ goal contributions as well as last 3 seasons his scored 20+
COCONUTNUT LFC 21 dag siden
Getting UCL in a 'bad season'
Pritam 21 dag siden
Feel sad for Burnley fans In the Whole match they can did only Booooooo Liverpool players nothing else 😈😂😆😅
ABZ 21 dag siden
can't wait to see hendo - fab - thiago for the next match against palace
Shuhaimi Mamat
Shuhaimi Mamat 21 dag siden
muhammad faiz
muhammad faiz 21 dag siden
Inside old Trafford takde keee ... Dah lah salah goal last tuuuu pergh 🤧
muhammad faiz
muhammad faiz 21 dag siden
@Faizal YNWA tu arr nnti abis masuk stadium provok agi 😂😂😂
Faizal YNWA
Faizal YNWA 21 dag siden
Tula tngh tunggu jugk maybe tkde kot yela nnti kalau buat mau marah fans nyet 🤣🤣🤣
David Tan
David Tan 21 dag siden
Another great sign of things to come ! Cmon u reds! Cup final tomorrow against the eagles ! Ima simple lad … 1-0 is all I ask ^^
Idrees Khan
Idrees Khan 21 dag siden
Your goalkeeper is best ...
Dakku 21 dag siden
dinorod 21 dag siden
So imagine next season,IF we get CL football (🙏) and we get our targets and that dream one. Alisson TAA konate VVD robbo Fab Hendo thiago Goncalves Mo Mbappe. Jus saying.
Thapelo Ramorwalo
Thapelo Ramorwalo 21 dag siden
I'm based in South Africa, I was amazed to see the clock was 20:15 and the sun still shining...Wow ive never seen anything like that from this side of the world, not even at 19:00
Garry Beech
Garry Beech 21 dag siden
It is really 1915, but we're in British summer and the clocks are a hour forward 😊
Saurabh kumar pathak
Saurabh kumar pathak 21 dag siden
@Sasha here on India , sunset time is as early as 4:30 in central part to 5:45 at max to some parts. Summer sunset time is max to 7:30 or so
Domen Bremec
Domen Bremec 21 dag siden
To be fair, I get surprised every winter when the sun sets at 4... I've been living in Europe my whole life, never moved but the sunset times still shock me.
Sasha 21 dag siden
It gets dark here in the UK 10pm in summer (21st June longest daylight) and about 4pm near Xmas. It's bloody cold and windy for May at the moment. UK weather is unpredictable, could be a heatwave by the time of the Euros.
okuns ifemeni
okuns ifemeni 21 dag siden
That’s usual in Europe. Was amazed when I was in Finland 🇫🇮 and it was 10pm and still very bright. Same with UK
Phil H
Phil H 21 dag siden
Never knew Burnley fans were so pathetic.
리마갤 21 dag siden
Cham Gga sa mang, ke-gyeon sa mang
John T
John T 21 dag siden
Pleased for Ox that he scored. He's had a terrible season - hopefullly things will improve for him next season.
Prince Ayodi Jnr
Prince Ayodi Jnr 19 dager siden
Yeah at west ham
Miguel 20 dager siden
@John T when you come 5 to 10 min per game i think it's normal you cant do much things
Avatar N
Avatar N 21 dag siden
Ox will be gone in the summer
G SQUADRON 21 dag siden
@Izzuddin Rasid KLOPP is buying CB
Izzuddin Rasid
Izzuddin Rasid 21 dag siden
if next season he got injured again…its time liverpool find someone else, we can’t be complacent, the number of injuries we hit this season certainly cost us the title
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