Dominic Matteo's incredible story with Klopp & Milner | Resilience, strength, & positivity

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25 dager siden

Watch now, as AXA bring together former Reds defender Dom, Matteo with Jürgen Klopp and James Milner to discuss his life-changing story. A fine example of building resilience and a true inspiration to us all.

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Wise Words from Dad
Wise Words from Dad 6 timer siden
Top bloke
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma Dag siden
Backpacking Ireland
Backpacking Ireland 3 dager siden
Brilliant , a fantastic pro , obviously a special person . Health is wealth , all the best Dom 👌👌❤️
TheRoadAhead 5 dager siden
Theres people who actually disliked this Video. Imagine what worthless horrible human beings they are. Unavoidable on the internet of course. Remember that when your arguing with some no one. (Note to self) Dom was in the team wen I had my first season ticket. Great to see him coming through this.
Try and Remove me You Tube
Try and Remove me You Tube 7 dager siden
Chris Egitto
Chris Egitto 7 dager siden
I didn't know about this ....all the best player top man.
Rob 7 dager siden
She’s not a WAG she’s a loving wife .
Daniel Chapman
Daniel Chapman 8 dager siden
Great stuff, brings tears to my eyes.
Kevin Statham
Kevin Statham 8 dager siden
“Wow our dads some guy”...their mum too. Great story.
Paul Davenport
Paul Davenport 9 dager siden
Three legends💪💪💪
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott 11 dager siden
God bless you well done Son and all.
Phil Brazier
Phil Brazier 11 dager siden
Dom it's so nice to see you doing so well you keep going we are all with you . Dom i hope you know how big your family is . We are all with you and we are here if you need us . Love and wishes for you YNWA us reds March on we are all one
Together We Stand
Together We Stand 11 dager siden
YNWA Dom! We are all behind you brother. Keep.smashing life buddy
R G 12 dager siden
Dom, you’ll never walk alone! The Liverpool and Leeds family is all around the world, and we are all behind you and your family. All the very best for the future mate.
Ben macklin
Ben macklin 12 dager siden
This is so sad. A top athlete this sick. Good luck to Dom and his family. Beat this man, your a 1 percent guy. Absolutely all the best. Love you man. Honestly.
Tom Smullen
Tom Smullen 12 dager siden
Dom you look amazing so happy to see you recovered seems like a really top man love hearing these stories.
Raymond Kay
Raymond Kay 13 dager siden
Ynwa to all the people suffering . Stay strong ❤️
Raymond Kay
Raymond Kay 13 dager siden
Dom well done mate ynwa
krafty karper
krafty karper 14 dager siden
I am going threw stage 3b cancer staying strong is so hard up and down supported lfc since I was 8 stevie g my hero he is a boss legend I got loads of lfc memorabilia l was buzzin when he won with rangers what and awesome job Klopp is is awesome lfc 1892 till I die love u all cos we are Liverpool and we the best football team in the world ❤️👍👍⚽⚽🤗🤗
john ellis
john ellis 14 dager siden
What a story bought few tears to the eye and great to see his recovery and support and love from his family and friends
Giacomo Licata
Giacomo Licata 14 dager siden
Kieran Pugh
Kieran Pugh 15 dager siden
Such a great people person klopp that's what sets him apart
Colin D
Colin D 15 dager siden
Dom's always been quality
Minecraft Builds
Minecraft Builds 15 dager siden
One of life's true heroes 🙏
Tomas Frodsham
Tomas Frodsham 16 dager siden
Mark Wood
Mark Wood 16 dager siden
I always had a soft spot for Dominic. I remember him well when I was a young lad going to Anfield and waiting outside the ground to meet/see the players. He ALWAYS came across as a genuinely nice guy and always had time and a smile for the fans. Most players had their egos and had better things to do than mix with the fans but he was always very charming and an absolutely brilliant role model. Good people like Dom don't deserve to go through what he went through so I am over the moon to see he's doing well. Here's to you fella, good health!
M O'H 16 dager siden
Jamie Collins
Jamie Collins 16 dager siden
Congrats 👏 love and happy
Gethsemane 16 dager siden
Ynwa Dominic, once a red , always red, stay strong, stay humble, stay you...
David Wright
David Wright 16 dager siden
Great to see Dom well again, credit to him and his family
robert dixon
robert dixon 16 dager siden
Can’t believe there are twenty heartless bellends who gave this video a thumbs down. Maybe they’ll change their tune if someone they care for , goes through a serious Illness
D FACE 17 dager siden
great to see you and the family doing so well!,all the best Dom YNWA
Firmino Fire
Firmino Fire 17 dager siden
Unbelievable!! Some guy! YNWA!
Strangemagic 17 dager siden
Liverpool FC...the hearts and minds club that I fell in love with. A sad but also an inspirational story but really pleased Dominic has made a good recovery. YNWA
Munir Ahmad
Munir Ahmad 17 dager siden
one of my favorite players on his playing days in red shirt. a ball playing defender on our left hand side. so happy he is OK now.
Scotty B
Scotty B 17 dager siden
Whoever gave the thumbs down about this story needs to give their heads a wobble. Well done Dom.
Yan Sapta
Yan Sapta 17 dager siden
At The same time...Liverpool have Dominic Matteo...chelsea have Roberto Matteo..
Polar Red
Polar Red 17 dager siden
Dom, you were always a warrior, and you always will be. Got to say what an amazing partner (Jess, I can only hope I have somebody like you in my time of need, you are a star) and family, you are blessed. Take care fella, XXX
Retro 79
Retro 79 17 dager siden
Massive respect for his determination and fighting spirit.
Larry Mulryan
Larry Mulryan 17 dager siden
Glad you recovered Dom YNWA
Karl van Rijs
Karl van Rijs 17 dager siden
Bit sad that Dom's story has been turned into a glorified AXA health insurance advert. Support our NHS Liverpool!
Aiyic 17 dager siden
I remember his debut under Souness on the left wing
Faizal Zaidin
Faizal Zaidin 18 dager siden
Klopp is a really good mediator.
Michael Keegan
Michael Keegan 18 dager siden
This is so sad 😥 Thank God he got his wife to support him ❤️
Mali Wright
Mali Wright 18 dager siden
Big side big squad big coach kloop Everytime 💯💯💯💯💯💯👊 always Liverpool Everytime we are Liverpool you will never walk alone never
3DG Visuals
3DG Visuals 19 dager siden
Wonderful to see him doing so well, also Jurgen just always seems to know the perfect things to say in any situation, what a class gent.
Francis Curran
Francis Curran 19 dager siden
YNWA ❤️⚽️
Quaced Hussain
Quaced Hussain 19 dager siden
Quality player... better than Cara
Quest Hands
Quest Hands 19 dager siden
The exceptional and inspirational player of The Reds! Respect you, Milner!!!
Samantha wilson
Samantha wilson 20 dager siden
Dom you're a wonderful human being as are you're beautiful family and friends, you're a fighter and a credit to all YNWA my friend, I've never met you, but I've seen you play in the Red shirt of Liverpool, what a great man, God Bless you all always, Franny Mac, LFC LIFE
christopher wojciechowski
christopher wojciechowski 20 dager siden
good luck dom lad get well my friend
Edwardinho 20 dager siden
Great story. Stay well, Dom.
owl 4 life
owl 4 life 21 dag siden
David John Wicks
David John Wicks 21 dag siden
Met Dominic a couple of years ago in Malaysia, top top guy, had time for all the Liverpool fans at a Charity dinner. YNWA
Chris Headcount
Chris Headcount 21 dag siden
Started to lose my sight at the start of 2020. Over the course of 3 days went practically blind. Got rushed to hospital for tests and scans. It was terrifying. Of course I thought about my family and friends but one of the things I was praying for was that I got to see Liverpool lift the prem (I'd been waiting a long time haha). We were already well on our way to winning it. Thankfully after a week or so my sight started to return and I'm very thankful I've made a full recovery. But when times were bad I listened to 'You'll Never Walk Alone' and it helped a lot. Sending love to Dom who was a great player for us.
Phillip Walklett
Phillip Walklett 21 dag siden
Hey Dom n family so glad to see dings getting better,, All the joy an happyness ya gave us in a Red shirt we send back to you times a million ❤️. ✌ 🙏🙏🙏. 👌
💖🇪🇬MOHAMMED SALAH LOVE🇪🇬💖 21 dag siden
stewart buckland
stewart buckland 21 dag siden
What a legend 👍✊
Lee Knott
Lee Knott 21 dag siden
Fucking hell Dom, YNWA my man x
Mechatronics Evolution
Mechatronics Evolution 21 dag siden
This is a class team... With a soul
Lucio Manuel
Lucio Manuel 22 dager siden
Conor Mclaughlin
Conor Mclaughlin 22 dager siden
Greetings from West Belfast ❤️❤️❤️🇮🇪🇮🇪
kimkimi 22 dager siden
“As long as you’re healthy all the other problems are sortable” - Klopp I can relate so much to that, nice words!
Sam Turner
Sam Turner 22 dager siden
Served Dom in my local pub 16 years ago in Southport, what a generous fella and nice guy all round. All the best mate x
Dave Cooke
Dave Cooke 22 dager siden
Respect so glad you made it dom lpool fan years you give club I love good luck good health 👍
SV Lagonda
SV Lagonda 22 dager siden
Brilliant video.
Diane Dyer
Diane Dyer 22 dager siden
Will keep this to watch later love Liverpool and kloop like a passion.
RayCurrin75 22 dager siden
Delighted for you and your family Dom, always loved you as a player. Y.N.W.A.
Wes 22 dager siden
4:33 That's what we like 🔔 is right Dom 💪
Tan S
Tan S 22 dager siden
Thank You for your punditry in Malaysia's Astro Sports .
Ali Martin
Ali Martin 22 dager siden
YNWA Dom Matteo you played in the red shirt and will always be a part of the LFC family. I remember watching you play when I was younger and always thought you played with passion and wore your heart on your sleeve.
Varun Charavanan
Varun Charavanan 22 dager siden
Big Ups Dom. YNWA
Vincenzo Dennaro
Vincenzo Dennaro 22 dager siden
Absolute legend Dom. YNWA
carl worrall
carl worrall 22 dager siden
Dom you have a family of warriors, keep your family close and enjoy every moment as we never know when it comes. YNWA all
Joseph Hanley
Joseph Hanley 22 dager siden
Dom Ynwa96 Respect to you and your family God bless you 👏☘️
Damian O' Sullivan
Damian O' Sullivan 22 dager siden
Klopp is such a gr8 human being Y.N.W.A
Seth gaming And football
Seth gaming And football 22 dager siden
YNWA ❤️❤️
Rigged Bonni
Rigged Bonni 22 dager siden
❤dom u never walk alone❤
The purple Warrior
The purple Warrior 22 dager siden
Wow lying on couch with my little boy... Both been diagnosed with covid.. Really bad dose.. Was feeling sorry for myself.. But after that..i know we will be fine.. Im so happy for him and his family.. Stay strong dom.. Lots of love from a Dublin Red family ♥️
MayoAre Back
MayoAre Back 23 dager siden
Bless him
Thomas Lythgoe
Thomas Lythgoe 23 dager siden
Love ye mate all clear top man ynwa
Adithya N
Adithya N 23 dager siden
Alistair Blair
Alistair Blair 23 dager siden
Respect for Dom! Milly please stay and coach! Anfield legend
Ger Nugent
Ger Nugent 23 dager siden
Really had an impact on me. In tears. Keep spreading the message young sir
Алтынбек Кабдинов
Алтынбек Кабдинов 23 dager siden
Subtitrs Russian
Don Johnson
Don Johnson 23 dager siden
mitch Fox
mitch Fox 23 dager siden
Wow! speechless, unbelievable story and a incredible man. For the 15 people who have disliked this video you need to take a good look in the mirror, disgraceful. Keep fighting big Dom. YNWA!!
SND_MNDS_CLB 23 dager siden
Was a fighter on the pitch, and a fighter in life. Big Dom! YNWA
holyfieldism 23 dager siden
Well done mate you are a star keep on going.❤️❤️👍👍
whomanbeing 23 dager siden
Good to see you doing well Dom.
jimmy rosseno
jimmy rosseno 23 dager siden
YNWA dom.... Keep strong mate
carl watson
carl watson 23 dager siden
Jesus . I'm a Leeds fan and I knew nowt about this
Enlightened Turtle
Enlightened Turtle 23 dager siden
Beautiful. YNWA Dom lad.
Simon Colvin
Simon Colvin 23 dager siden
Experienced what he's been through myself, really pays too stay positive and determined. Life's too short to give in, makes you see things in a completely different avenue. YNWA
mark Dessie
mark Dessie 23 dager siden
Best of luck to you Dom and family from the Liverpool family YNWA96
Leo Nilsson
Leo Nilsson 23 dager siden
MrMystery666 23 dager siden
The fight might have been Dom’s but only some of the plaudits for winning the fight. A serious shout to Jessica what a lady for handling that and keeping it all together for him.
y1521t21b5 23 dager siden
What an inspiration! Keep inspiring us all! *_YN🔴WA_*
Christian King
Christian King 23 dager siden
A true fighter on and off the field. Well done Dom. YNWA.
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