Hadji Kakap
Hadji Kakap 4 timer siden
RZap 4 timer siden
Shaqiri was on fire this season, didn't realise he'd scored so many.
M.Y 115
M.Y 115 4 timer siden
How did we let him leave man
joel kaniu
joel kaniu 4 timer siden
congrats jordan
MR.Anbanavan 5 timer siden
Best combination for ever ❤️👍🏻
Nhyira Bernasko
Nhyira Bernasko 5 timer siden
Faqih Lanathea
Faqih Lanathea 5 timer siden
thank's for the champions title 🏆
Hardeep Sidhu
Hardeep Sidhu 5 timer siden
Is that it? Means he has not got an assist since van dijk signed 😲
Amajacky JM
Amajacky JM 5 timer siden
Offical Barca destroyer
محمد امین قاسمی
محمد امین قاسمی 6 timer siden
Liverpool King 👑❤️🔥🔥🔥
The Dark Knight Racist
The Dark Knight Racist 6 timer siden
I'm not a liverpool fan, but Jordan is one of my favorite midfielder, he's such a classic english football midfield, strong, fast, not afraid of contact or gets his knees dirty, he shoot cannon ball, and amazing crosses, a great successor of Lampard and Gerrard.
Jeffrey Chhakchhuak
Jeffrey Chhakchhuak 6 timer siden
One of the most Underrated Midfielder ever.
Yassen Hany
Yassen Hany 6 timer siden
Wise Words from Dad
Wise Words from Dad 6 timer siden
Top bloke
CJ 1120
CJ 1120 6 timer siden
My Captain🥲❤️
Chrissie Pike
Chrissie Pike 6 timer siden
Bye bye Gini, thank you so much for being a shining Superstar in my Redmen we miss you already, go & shine brighter. YNWA
Vincent V
Vincent V 6 timer siden
Emotions of the greatest levels on this here
Operation: DYN
Operation: DYN 6 timer siden
Virgil: Got any more questions? Kid: *OO OO YEAH YEAH* Virgil: Go on. Kid: *dO yOu PiCk YoUr NoSe*
Ashen 7 timer siden
Did not expect to tear up at the end of the video :<
Mpire57 7 timer siden
Legend says his running style was rented free in Sir Alex head.. Never writes us off.. YNWA.. 🔴❤️
Abdulrahman Abdulrahman
Abdulrahman Abdulrahman 7 timer siden
Money man
Abdulrahman Abdulrahman
Abdulrahman Abdulrahman 7 timer siden
money man
Samet Özkan
Samet Özkan 7 timer siden
1 year later Anelka scored his incredible goal but Houllier was like a Devil for not extended Anelka's contract.
Jan Malec
Jan Malec 7 timer siden
Why he's leaving when everyone loves him and wants him in the club...
bulldogjoe1804 6 timer siden
He wanted a longer contract then Liverpool was offering.
TheKharad 7 timer siden
He's not only a good player. He`s a very good person as well! All the best for you lad! Teach PSG some reason!
idzuanisma 8 timer siden
i dont think i'd ever felt sad when an LFC player leaves - but for our Stevie G.. but now Gini.. truly will miss u lad.. n still cant quite believe it
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 8 timer siden
Thanks for everything Gini May you continue to light up every pitch you play on with that smile lad.
PLUGZINO TV 8 timer siden
Did someone cut an onion 🧅 🥺 my favourite midfielder is gone
remsanga chhangte
remsanga chhangte 8 timer siden
hfoong 8 timer siden
wijnaldum is Liverpool legend
TTV-CJG 8 timer siden
no one : virgil: ay here you go BOOM 💥😂
TrippyDrew 8 timer siden
What a man.
The Khuong Nguyen
The Khuong Nguyen 9 timer siden
damn every players in the team can score even the goalkeeper 🔥
Zxenon Nemrod
Zxenon Nemrod 9 timer siden
Thrills. Gini 🔥🔥🔥
boy boy
boy boy 9 timer siden
Sir Jordan Henderson.
Pavel Bav
Pavel Bav 9 timer siden
Fiqhri Hidayat
Fiqhri Hidayat 9 timer siden
Alonso is two agen hahaha 🤣🤣
Blubble 9 timer siden
What a legend. I will miss him a lot ! Most of luck in PSG Naldum
PRASHOB.K PADIYOOR 9 timer siden
Mohamad Salman
Mohamad Salman 9 timer siden
Yumna Kirana
Yumna Kirana 10 timer siden
We appreciate all the players who played here at Liverpool fc
jehat Polat
jehat Polat 10 timer siden
HARRESH SHANKAR Moe 10 timer siden
Gerrad my fan
kensshi 10 timer siden
Legends ♥️
Gaetan Paul
Gaetan Paul 10 timer siden
arturo roman
arturo roman 10 timer siden
he's a legend and will be miss. And that two goals against Barcelona will never be forgotten.
ManusiaKerdus123 10 timer siden
Why Mane seems so selfish, unlike many players, many of them celebrate the goals with their best friends or the one who assisted. Why Mane never celebrate with his friends who assisted? Or is he an introvert?
Andás Kormány
Andás Kormány 10 timer siden
Is't sad. This psg player😭
Alex Hrith
Alex Hrith 10 timer siden
Now these two are former Liverpool players
Mihir Joshi
Mihir Joshi 10 timer siden
Noone cares about his Ultimate 11. Paused the video at 0:01 and disliked😉
Franco alx cold
Franco alx cold 11 timer siden
Wijnaldum 2017#*& Coutinho 🤖📟✳️☄️🛸
Duc Vo
Duc Vo 11 timer siden
Farewell Gini, our number 5 ❤️❤️❤️
Basel 11 timer siden
At 0:45 you can see a young Harry Maguire on the left. He has come a long way.
Uncle Bonch
Uncle Bonch 11 timer siden
Thumbnail : Henderson assists Me : Suarez!!!!
Reza Fauzi
Reza Fauzi 11 timer siden
adam zidane lallana
LY W 12 timer siden
Kevin Hart??
Putra Septiadi
Putra Septiadi 12 timer siden
Hendo and Sturridge was a match made in heaven.
Liverpool 4 Ever
Liverpool 4 Ever 12 timer siden
Our Captain , our leader, our pride
Hadi Hashemi Nejad
Hadi Hashemi Nejad 12 timer siden
Giniyou were magnificent to watch. We owe our best moments thanks to you!
ical 1899
ical 1899 12 timer siden
RbS MD 12 timer siden
What a player😪 but now we're looking foward 💪
Badri 13 timer siden
Go on Captain lead us to more glory next season on. We Go Again.
Michael Jordanov
Michael Jordanov 13 timer siden
Firmino pls
SG Gaming
SG Gaming 13 timer siden
Miss you Cou
DeeMan 13 timer siden
Farewell Gini. Thank you for all the beautiful memories. - YNWA -
samah moktar
samah moktar 13 timer siden
Giovanni Fotis
Giovanni Fotis 14 timer siden
The most underrated player on the planet..Seriously he's going to be a massive miss the quality he brings to thst side is second to none. .Doesn't get shoved of the ball, wins most 50/50 balls,the lad bring players into the gsme with his great passing he works so hard to win the ball up and down the field non stop and he's massive in big games... Seriously he will be a massive loss absolutely no doubt about that.. The game against Barcalona when he completely changed the gsme after half time that gsme alone showed what a super player he is...He Destroyed Barcalona on his own Making those runs through the middle into space to score two spectacular goals and lift the whole side is just goosebumps moments. ... You will be missed my Friend and will always remain in heart a Red for ever.... Respect buddy....
Paul 14 timer siden
He should play for Space X!
Crash bang
Crash bang 14 timer siden
Withdrawals already
Jember bimbelstanSS
Jember bimbelstanSS 14 timer siden
still magical
Ha Lo
Ha Lo 14 timer siden
Greatest striker of liverpool
Joseph Mensah - Addison
Joseph Mensah - Addison 14 timer siden
I am not crying.. You are
Putra Andi
Putra Andi 14 timer siden
Thanks a lot 😭
Active Speed
Active Speed 14 timer siden
fairuz wahab
fairuz wahab 15 timer siden
Thank you Newcastle for selling him to us
absolutely immaculate
absolutely immaculate 15 timer siden
Nothing is complicated about cricket, on the contrary, it is quite simple really.